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A promising vocalist of the young generation,Gaytri Joshi is the singer to watch in the forthcoming years.A melodious voice with a powerfull focus,tunefulness,command of rhythm and a sizeable repertoire of commen and uncommen Raaga's are some of the highlights of her singing.Her concerts are marked by chaste exposition of a raaga structure,aesthetic prasing,volleys of crisp and complex taans and in general,an artistic approach to the presentation.Apart from classical singing,she is equally adept at semi classical genres like thumari,dadra,Bhajan marathi theater song(natyageet)and so on.

Gayatri was born in an artist's family and music is in her blood.She was initiated in to the art of singing by her father Shri.Shankar Shreeshaillya Vairagkar,an accomplished vocalist of Bhendi Bazar. Presently she is receiving advanced training from Smt.Arati Ankalikar-Tikekar of the Agra-Jaipur Gharana.All these influences widened her horizons .
Formally,she holds a 'Sangeet Alankar'degrre from Akhil Bharatiya Gandharv Mahavidyalaya,M.A. in music from the university of pune. She has presented her art several prestigious platforms and has won a number of awards during her musical career.


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